Our Clinical Services

Individual Counseling

Throughout our lives, people can experience many different challenges such as: difficulty adjusting to young children, disciplining children, problems in school, job struggles, marital issues, or making and maintaining meaningful relationships. These struggles can leave us feeling anxious, depressed, confused, or overwhelmed. During times like these, we can benefit from support to help with these problems that seem beyond our control.

Counseling is a process that can help people identify effective strategies to cope with difficult situations and to achieve their goals. While some people who seek counseling have chronic emotional difficulties, others are dealing with life events and are in need of an objective person in their lives, someone who doesn't judge and who can help them see new alternatives.

Adult Counseling:

Individual counseling is a collaborative effort between you and your counselor. Our goal is to provide an open, supportive, and confidential environment for you to address the issues that are concerning you. Our counselors are highly trained to help you work through all life, career, family, and relationship difficulties or transitions. 

Child and Adolescent Counseling:

Adolescence and childhood can be very difficult times to navigate. Sometimes struggles in childhood become something that is difficult for parents to manage. Here at Prairie Wellness, we can assist in developing interventions and strategies in collaboration with parents to effectively support their children. In an effort to help children, we aim to improve their coping skills and help them practice these skills so that they can be applied at home and at school. Our counselors have extensive experience with children and adolescents.

Couples Counseling

Does it sometimes seem like you and your significant other are stuck in the same argument over and over? Whether its money, children, jobs, daily routines, blended families or intimacy difficulties. The counselors at Prairie Wellness can help you to open the lines of communication, change the cycle, work through the problems and define the underlying cause of the difficulties that a rise in most relationships. 

Couples have conflict and relationships can be draining at times. However, a discussion with a counselor can start you down the path to improving the relationship. 

Family Counseling

We respect the unique qualities of each family. We understand that each family is special and maybe even quirky. We also understand that family is important, no matter how you define "family." 

At Prairie Wellness we have experience dealing with families struggling through many types of different difficulties. From trust issues between family members, to kids that don't seem to listen, we can support you in reuniting your family, supporting each family member, and helping to improve the quality of life for all members in the home.

Family counseling can be helpful and is generally used to address problems within the dynamic of a family. Therapy for families is often shorter term than individual or relationship counseling.