Jim Gilligan, MA, LCSW


Jim Gilligan, MA, LCSW

Are you a law enforcement officer, hospital or healthcare professional or military veteran who has experienced a traumatic event and is having a difficulty time managing your life? Do you find yourself needing to isolate and avoid people, places or situations in order to feel safe? Do have a difficult time getting to sleep and staying asleep? Have you experienced frustration towards others when they tell you that you should "get over it...and move on" by family, friends or coworkers. The need to feel truly heard and understood in a safe environment is vital towards the road to recovery.

Using cognitive and solution focused approaches to identify and understand the impact of your trauma will enable you to better manage your sleep, learn how to reduce your frustration, safely regulate your anger, increase your sense of safety, reduce your need avoid and increase your mood.

Using my combined thirty-one years of experience as a Marine Combat Veteran and psychotherapist let's begin this journey towards recovery and healing by contacting me for an appointment.

Jim can be found at Psychology Today